Our mission

Our Mission

Creating opportunities to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities in the community

Our Vision

Dzherelo Centre provides quality, family-centred, educational and rehabilitation services for children and youth with disabilities in Ukraine, and also for children at risk. 

The range of services includes day programs and rehabilitation sessions, which are provided by a highly qualified, interdisciplinary team of specialists, in cooperation with parents.


Оur Values


Respect for the right of every person to develop their potential and have the necessary opportunities and support to reach their personal best


A commitment to high standards with regard to work practices, safety issues and well-being of the children and youth we serve

Knowledge Sharing

Sharing of information, experience and skills within the larger society, inspiring change and promoting principles and good practices for integrative, family-centred rehabilitation


The development of professional expertise in providing quality services and incorporating innovative methods and techniques



Co-founder of Dzherelo Centre. Holds a teaching degree in Physical Education (Lviv State Institute of Physical Culture, 1979) and a Master’s in Public Administration (Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine,1998). Was Director of the charitable Dzherelo NGO and the Lviv City Rehabilitation Centre from the Centre's inception until March 2014.


Co-founder of Dzherelo Centre. A Canadian citizen with a Master's degree in Music, a pianist and teacher, who has worked as a volunteer in Ukraine since 1992 for the benefit of people with special needs. Also, co-founder of the Faith and Light movement in Ukraine, the Emmaus Centre at the Ukrainian Catholic University, and the L’Arche-Kovcheh community.


Co-founder of Dzherelo Centre. A Canadian citizen and a physical therapist with many years’ experience, who has worked as a volunteer in Ukraine since 1994. Also, a consultant and developer of the first rehabilitation programs at Dzherelo Centre.


Co-founder of Dzherelo Centre, social activist and public figure. Leader of numerous social projects benefitting persons with special needs in Ukraine.


Founded in 1991, the Lviv Regional Association for the Protection of Rights of Children with Disabilities, particularly cerebral palsy, has a membership today of more than 2,500 persons.


Since 2008, the Centre's services are being provided in partnership with the Lviv City Council’s Department of Humanitarian Policy.