Crisis support for children with developmental delays during war

28 December 2022

Children with disabilities and developmental difficulties need some support!

We have conducted an analysis of the results of the emergency response project supported by UNICEF Ukraine for the period of June-October 2022.

5,870 children underwent screening and it was found out that:

– 42% of children need development support (80% of them are children without a disability status)

– 54% of children have psychological disorders (80% of them are children without any disability)

– 21% of children have problems with communication

Unfortunately, most parents are not aware about the social, educational and medical services in the local communities that their children with disabilities and developmental difficulties can use.

That is why it is extremely necessary to form a demand for social, medical and educational services for children with developmental difficulties and to inform parents and specialists who work with children(doctors, social workers, educators) about the opportunities in their local communities.

We continue our work!

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