Unified Dzherelo Centre for Social Services: First Three Months. Results

05 January 2024

The first three months have passed since the unified Dzherelo Centre for Social Services started its operation. Above all, we continue to confront a cunning enemy, and we cannot afford to stop because the most important reason for our work is the people who need help here, in the Lviv community.

Despite the challenges, we have managed to synchronize the work of five municipal social institutions, which now form the Dzherelo Centre for Social Services. We highly value the professionals in the social sphere and our team, which works daily with children and youth with disabilities, war veterans, families in crisis, the lonely and elderly, and people who are homeless.

Every month, the Dzherelo team provides various services and support to over 6,300 community residents and people in need. Since December, a contact centre has been in operation for individuals facing difficult life circumstances. Over 100 individuals have already utilized its services. We assess needs, assist residents, redirect them to relevant institutions, and inform them about available help.

We have started assisting veterans undergoing treatment and recovery in Lviv hospitals. This includes providing consultation, offering information, and helping with the restoration of certain documents.

On Petliura Street in Lviv, a Day Leisure Centre for the elderly has been opened. It is essential for them to have the opportunity to meet, communicate, engage in shared activities, and support each other. We provide home care and social adaptation services for over 2,000 lonely elderly residents in our community.

We have opened crisis rooms and launched psychological counseling for women who have suffered from domestic violence. A shelter is also operational, providing a complete range of services to help women and children stay safe.

Over 500 children and youth with disabilities receive daily care and rehabilitation services each month. We have successfully opened a Centre for Assistive Technologies, working to provide various alternative means of communication for children with developmental difficulties. Additionally, educational programs for professionals working with children with disabilities will be developed and promoted here.

We are exploring opportunities to develop support for the homeless. In December, we launched a social campaign to support the homeless in winter and initiated social patrols. Every night, 50 people who are homeless stay at our branch on Kyrylivska Street. The challenge is the insufficient number of beds and the absence of a day centre. We cannot turn away a person seeking shelter at night, so sometimes we lay out mats due to a lack of space.

In the last three months alone, our social work experts have visited 2,400 families in need of support and assistance. At the same time, we have had to increase the number of psychologist consultations as we understand that the demand is growing.

Currently, we are considering strengthening, training, and enhancing the resilience of our social Centre’s team. We realize the need to respond flexibly and quickly to the community’s needs. We must also work on increasing awareness and self-sufficiency among community residents, as there will never be enough social work professionals. To implement the Centre’s development projects, we will engage experts and seek non-budgetary funds.

Thank you for your trust and partnership, Lviv City Council. We appreciate everyone who works, helps, informs, and cares – everyone who is not indifferent.

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